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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Did you know there has been a 30% increase in vaginal rejuvenation procedures in the US? Many women are taking steps to improve the appearance, sensitivity, and lubrication of their vaginas. Whether it’s due to aging, childbirth, medical conditions, or simply wanting a confidence boost – the reasons women seek vaginal rejuvenation are varied. The good thing is you have options. From laser treatments to radiofrequency and more, a range of non-surgical procedures can help tighten and improve the function.

Willow Women’s Health is a trusted provider of vaginal rejuvenation procedures in the US. Their Empower RF solution combines radiofrequency (RF) energy with a needle-free approach to create precise heating in the right places. Keep reading to learn how Empower RF can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and restore sexual satisfaction.

What is Forma V?

Empower RF is a safe and painless procedure. The Forma V handheld device delivers small pulses of radiofrequency energy to the target area, creating precise tissue heating. It stimulates new collagen production and tightens the internal structures of the vagina, improving sensitivity, lubrication, and appearance.

The process takes 2-3 sessions, each lasting about 20 minutes. However, our physicians may recommend more sessions after assessing your individual needs. You should be able to resume your normal activities on the same day with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

The treatment is customizable and can get tailored to your individual needs. Willow Women’s Health practitioners will work with you to create a plan that best suits your body and goals.

So if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to restore the function and appearance of your vagina, consider Empower RF from Willow Women’s Health.

Who Needs Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Whether you are looking to restore youthful function or improve self-confidence, vaginal rejuvenation can be an excellent option. The procedure is suitable for women of all ages who are experiencing any of the following:

Loss of elasticity in the vaginal walls

Vaginal atrophy

Reduced sensation during sexual activity

Difficulty achieving climax

A widened or sagging vaginal opening

Labial laxity

Don’t let these issues take the joy out of your life. Empower RF treatments can help you restore your sexual satisfaction and give you a much-needed confidence boost. Consult a credible provider like Willow Women’s Health to learn more.

Benefits of Forma V

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy with this process:


Empower RF is a non-invasive procedure, making it less painful and more comfortable than surgery. It also eliminates the need for anesthesia and stitches, meaning you won’t have to worry about an extensive recovery period.

You can expect results in just a few treatments, with minimal discomfort.

Improves Sexual Satisfaction

Empower RF can improve sexual satisfaction by increasing sensitivity and lubrication. It can lead to more satisfying experiences for you and your partner. For instance, women have reported more intense orgasms after the treatment. Also, the improved look and feel of the vagina can help boost your confidence during sex.

Revitalizes Appearance

The procedure tightens and tones the internal structures of the vagina and the surrounding tissue. It can help improve the external appearance, giving you a younger-looking and more youthful vagina. Empower RF is the way to go if you’re looking for a more aesthetically pleasing look.


As the procedure is tailored to your individual needs and goals, you can be sure it will deliver the desired results. Our practitioners are knowledgeable and experienced and will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome. They will also monitor your progress throughout the treatment to ensure you get quality outcomes.

Competent Care

You can expect to receive the highest quality care and attention at Willow Women’s Health. Our practitioners are accredited and knowledgeable, and they will ensure all your questions and concerns get addressed. They will also provide aftercare instructions to ensure a safe and smooth recovery.

How Much Does Empower RF Cost?

At Willow Women’s Health, we are committed to delivering value and quality care. The cost of the Empower RF treatment will depend on the number of sessions needed and your individual needs. Also, some insurance companies may cover part of the costs, depending on your policy.

To get an accurate cost estimate for Empower RF, contact us today. Our friendly staff is always happy to help and provide you with the necessary information.

Ready To Get Started With Forma V?

Don’t wait any longer to start feeling your best. Empower RF from Willow Women’s Health is an effective and safe way to restore the function and appearance of your vagina.

If you have any questions, contact us today, and our team will be happy to help. We look forward to helping you revitalize your vaginal health!